Among The Departed was a sucessful Fan-Fic created by the New User Era User:

ViperStriker2011"Spoiler Warning: Plot Or Details May Follow"

Among The Departed was centered around a Yellow Pikmin named Serpentine who, with his friends Cobrax, Ana, and Levithian, was on a quest for revenge against the Red Pikmin leader of the Korronico Gang, named Zorrock, who murdered Serpentine's younger Brother, Darius during a raid on Serpentine's Village outside of the Awakening Wood. Ultimately, Zorrock avaded death, and Serpentine was forced to watch his new best friend, and Zorrock's former friend, Levithian die. This came as a surprise to many the readers. In the begining of the story, Serpentine was standing before a Grave, thought to be one of his Parent's Graves, only to be revealed as Levithian's Grave in the final Chapter, Chapter XX: Revelations. Along with his quest for revenge, Serpentine was pitted against his longtime rival, Captain Chaze, a member of the local law enforcement, who was out to arrest Serpentine for the murder of a Korronico Assassin before he left his Village. Serpentine has a wife named Vipress, and two children named Nathaniel and Andrea.

"Spoilers End Here"

The origin of Among The Departed lies in Pikmin9003's Survival Challenge III: The Intruding Legacy, where Serpentine developed enough for Viper to create a Fan-Fic. He later continued Among The Departed with it's sequel, Among The Departed II: Emergence Of The Savior. He used Survival Challenge 5/V as his Post-ATD II point. Follwing that, he set up a Pre-ATD storyline with a dual-character story of Serpentine and Darius.This Fan-Fic recieved mainly positive reception from users such as Pikmin9003 and rssp1. He recieved some negative feedback from users ethanrocks and tompikmin03. Many of these were because the idea was, Quote, Un-Qoute, "Overused, and bland". The Chapters were, Quote, Un-Quote, "Had no paragraphing whatsoever for the first six or so chapters" and a quote "Weird idea because the main character can turn into a snake or something." "."Link to Among The Departed On The Pikmin Board"