Among The Departed II: Emergence Of The Savior is the wildy popular sequel to the Fan-Fic: Among The Departed.

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Among The Departed is the continuation of the Among The Departed series, follwong Among The Departed's tragic ending. It begins with the introduction of a new minor character named Petross, who was Serpentine's Informant during his hunt for the Korronicos. This follows with the introduction of another minor character, Orion, who met Serpentine between ATD and ATD II during the events of Survival Challenge III: The Intruding Legacy. These characters, added with Serpentine, Cobrax, Ana, Ember, and Aquos (Two more Pikmin that Serpentine met along his trip). Another two Pikmin were added, being Icarus and Crios, a brother and sister who were exiled from their Village for reasons unknown to the reader. They main Antagonist, Zorrock returned, along with the minor Antagonist, Capatin Chaze, who was revealed to be allied with Zorrock after his discharge from law enforcement. Two other minor antagonists were the Mentor/Student combo of Valdron and Anthrax, two Pikmin with dark powers. Among The Departed II" Emergence Of The Savior revolved around a Talisman that Serpentine removed from a Korronico Officer in Among The Departed that allowed him to talk to the spirits of Darius and Levithian. This was crafted by Anthrax, who used to be known as Shadoss before he changed it to Anthrax for reasons unknown. Two Talismans were created, both going to Zorrock. One for him to gain the powers he has, after making a deal with Anthrax about to former friends, Jax and Scriptus, which is unknown to the reader about the conditions, or why Zorrock had the Talisman that was destined to go with Serpentine. When all was said and done, Serpentine arrived at Zorrock's Mansion, with a dead Captain Chaze, and a wounded Valdron. There, Serpentine and Zorrock engaged in a final battle that ended with Zorrock's Death, and 1,000 years of peace for the Universe.

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There were many points of Among The Departed that were un-explained. An exception was Rook's Cemetary, where Zorrock asked to be buried. This cemetary is the burial place of Zorrock's friends, Jax and Scriptus.

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