Ethanrocks is the User who brought about the Vestipacolypse on the Pikmin Board.

While the Vestipacolypse was originally the result of the Pikmin Boarders complaining about the apparent Mod slump due to NW2, causing several Vesti Users to take advantage of this for a Board invasion. This was quickly dealt with, however Ethan, who was already on thin ice with the modern era Pikmin Boarders, proceed to post a thread on Teh Vestibule to tell them to post there, which was how the Vestipacolypse got it's name. Whatever possessed him to do this is a mystery.

Needless to say, whatever respect the modern era Users had for him was instantly shattered.

Nowadays, Ethan has cooled down since then. Most of the users consider him a decent reg, and a lot of us have forgiven him for the Vesti invasion. We were all n00bs once, after all.


  • He would like to change his username to Ethanland.
  • He is the only known user to post a picture of himself.