Green111pikminrules is a post Golden Age User who signed up a year before NW1.

Early Userhood.Edit

He started his IGN life like most new User... As an utterly massive n00b. He joined IGN after reading Sarsars fanfic 'A Crew in Trouble' and procced to do several standard n00bish stuff.

Durring his early life on the Pikmin Board, enspired by Sarsars Crew in Trouble fic, procced to post tons of (Extremely poorly written) fanfics, much to the Golden Age Users dismay. This resulted in tons of flames, but Green was to innocently n00bish to realize at the time.

Durring the time Brawl was in devlopement, Green after posted there. One day, after discovering a translation site, decided to be funny and post in Spanish and several other laguges for the 'lulz'.

This resulted in a massive User backlash from the entire Brawl Board. After suffering from the massive thrid degree burns from the massive amount of flames, Green was going to leave the Boards for sometime until someone suggested 'Why not make a new account?' which resulted in the alt account Pikmin_Master.

As of today.Edit

Green has matured massively since back then, and is a pretty laidback User... Unless something sets him off. If someone messess with his friends, they'll often get an earful from him. He is often very forgiving to new Users who act overly n00bish because of his own n00b origin, and will often try and help them get pass their n00b phase.

He is also one of the very few Users who has forgiven Ethanrocks for causing the Vestipocalypse.

He is an amateur writer and drawer, making several normal standard Fanfics (which often take him long amounts of time to write), despite having below average spelling and Grammar skills. His drawing skill aren't all that great either, having to put a lot of effort in just to make a decent drawing.

He often goes by the name of Toko, due to his User name mainly being 'TokoWH' on many other sites.

External links:Edit

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