Short for Original Character, OCs are characters made by people that aren't a part of the series. There have been several Pikmin OCs that have had a major impact on the Board, as well as several fan Pikmin species that have been a staple of several Fanfics.

Notable OCs.Edit


Original creator: Sarsars.Edit

Blacknight was the main antagonist for Sarsars' Pikmin 3: A crew in Trouble fanfic. He is considered to be one of the best antagonist in the Pikmin fanfiction, and was often used in several fanfics and RPs as an antagonist until Sarsars asked for people to stop.


Original creator: Kyle19939Edit

Bob, playing on the most commen name in exsistance, is a character from Stranded compairable to the Idiot Louie sterotype. Now a days, he's often used as cameos in several other fics. Also, he likes tacos.

Pikmin species:Edit

Green Pikmin.Edit

Original creator: Green, but didn't gain popularity until Thepikminmaster used the species in his Pimik series.Edit

Green Pikmin are Pikmin with over sized leafs, buds, and flowers. They were originally created in Pikmin RP(That's right, no G), but gained their popularity when used in the Pimik series.