Short for Role Playing. In a sense, it's like a massive fanfic several Users write together. There have been several RPs that have had a big impact on the Pikmin Board, and some are still held highly by Board goers today.


In a way, RPing on the Pikmin Board can be traced back all the way to the thread titled The never ending Pikmin TV series, in the fact that it shared several stuff rule wise with current RPs today. It was not until Hardkirby's Pikmin RP(That's right, no G) did RPing take off on the Pikmin Board.

General rules.Edit

While most sites have certent rules for RPs, the Pikmin Boards RPs have some drastically different rules, while sharing some with other sites. By far one of the most drastic is the fact that a User can control other Users characters, while most other RP sites won't allow anything like that.

The general rules goes as follows:

  • No killing other's characters with out permission.
  • Content must stay PG-13.
  • Controlling other Users characters IS allowed.
  • Try to remain kind to other Users, don't go posting 'And then 'X' died' because you have a problem with other Users.

Mentionable RPs.Edit

Pikmin RP (That's right, no G)

Pikmin Biology Adventure RP

The Dying RP TrendEdit

During the period of the Mourning Era(?), there were a number of RPs created one after the other. Not many succeeded and almost all died with a slow fall of posts. There could be many reasons for such deaths. One evident reason was, oddly, the rule of not allowing control of UC, introduced and in place for these RPs. This caused a kind of frost barrier, not allowing full co-operation between characters.

Also, it could be due to the fires of the new users easily burning out. Although the passion was with them for quite a while, it burned out very easily, as new users usually have flairs that burn for short periods.