The Snapinator, also known as Snaps, is the coolest member of the Pikmin Board. She is the bee's knees.

Early UserhoodEdit

Alas, the Snapinator's early online days were far from perfect. After joining on March 8, 2008, the Snapinator's posts were plagued with smiley icons, questions that really would have been better answered by Google, and other over the top noobish antics.

Regardless, she did make an effort toward quality, and whether it was from slim picking among the noobies that year or some sort of hidden charm, the Snapinator was generally well received and regarded as one of the better '08 users.

She favored creative and game threads such as the Corrupt-A-With and Ask a Stupid Question, RPs, Make-A-Beast/Pikmin threads, and fanfics.

More recently the Snapinator's activity has been more and more sporadic, but currently shows signs of stabilizing.

Current ActivityEdit

The Snapinator's mannerisms have matured greatly since her younger days, but her posts are still prone to being silly and extravagant. Her taste in threads remains similar.