An old and so called legendary fanfiction that spawned two sequels and a number of spin-offs. Originall written by Kyle19939, the story involved a crew that went with Olimar and Louie back to the Distant Planet but became stranded. The plot is complex and has received crtical aclaim for its compelling characters and...well it's hard to summarize something you haven't read.



Help much?

Sure Stranded is where Olimar, Louie and some others are stranded on the pikmin planet after a tour goes wrong.


How was it devised? Anyone know?


The Stranded series is regraded as the one of the, if not the, best fanfic on the Pikmin boards, support several spin-offs by other Users, game threads, and even an RP. To this day it's still highly regraded by the Pikmin community.


Stranded 2, Stranded 1/2, Stranded 2 1/2 and Stranded 3? I think.