Survival Challenge was created by Pikmin9003 to make a "Job" for himself to do. After flushed with replies, he began to add a second "Game" to the series. He has now a total of 5 Threads in the series. (However, 0.5 is an RP, so it has near-to-none importance. Also, it seems to be the most ignored one.)

Where it all began - Survival Challenge 1Edit

This thread was the basis of the entire series. Made when 9003 was new, it now became one of the most popluar threads on the board.

There was no plotline at first, but a plot came when two users decided to try to take over the entire Pikmin Planet. This became the plot.

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The start of referanceing other series - Survival Challenge 2 - The Key of DimensionsEdit

SC2 began with a mystery plot, but then advanced to a collect-a-thon. This was also the start of 9003's Touhou referances, which became normal.

A key that could shape and warp dimensions has been found. But, there is troble on the horizon...

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Look in the sky! It's a bird! A Plane! A UFO! - Survival Challenge 3 - The Intruding LegacyEdit

SC3 took a turn by letting Interterestial Beings invade the Pikmin Planet...

This thread is vagely similer to SC1, but of course, referances are much more common here.

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Why is my hand going through a wall? - Survival Challenge 4 - The Recollectioning Of BoundariesEdit

Weird stuff is happening, and only the players can solve why....

Note this game uses another charecter from a compleatly differant series. This is for plot and many other reasons...

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Where are the planets!? - Survival Challenge 5 - End of the UniverseEdit

One of the newer SCs, with plenty of stuff that MAYBE doesn't make sense.

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Dimensions returns.....- Survival Challenge 6 - The Keys ReturnEdit

The Sequel to SC2, featuring Keys. And more Keys.

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