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The Pikmin Board!
Pikmin Board

The Pikmin Board as of 21 February 2011

A place separate to all other parts of the internet world!

And now, we have a place to record our future, past and stuff. For all those who want to learn more who want to look back, this is the place to be!

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Wait, what?Edit

Yeah, other boards have wikis too. So why can't we?

Have fun! All users are welcome to add, edit and delete pages in the wiki to suit our needs!

Any Rules?Edit

Less than there oughta be, but more than you'd think. In other words...not really. All users should have pages made either by themselves (no modesty needed.) or for them (users who aren't here). If you see nturneta editing any pages you've just made, he's just sorting things into categories, in case you're worried.

Current threads are advised to have pages, as well as important past threads. Ks don't need them however. All pages should have links to respective threads, so if you see one that doesn't have one, feel obliged to put in one.

Concepts, ideas, theories and laws of the board should go into the category, Concepts. All entertainment threads in Game Threads and all fanfiction in Fanfiction. Also, all thread pages should also be in the Archive category.

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