The Vestipacolypse was a Board invasion by several Teh Vesti Users.

What caused it.Edit

The Vestipacolypse started out small. Durring a Mod slump, several Users on the Pikmin Board wanted the 'Story for Pikmin 3' thread to be locked. After a full day of the Mods not doing anything, several Users started to complain about this. This caught the attention of a wandering Vesti User, who decided for the lulz to go to said thread and post in all caps and a green font "POSTING IN A LOCKED THREAD'.

After getting into a troll fight with several Pikmin Board regs, Pikminpower decided to dare him to try and keep it up. This caused the Vesti User to contact several other Vesti Users who started to post "POSTING IN A LOCKED THREAD' in the same thread, as well as others. Luckly, this seemed to die down rather quickly, and all seemed calm...

That is, until User Ethanrocks, angry when he learned that some regs on the board wanted him to leave, posted a thread on the Vesti in a thinly disguised thread that made it look like he was trying to get new Users to join. Eventually, after several 'lol n00b' comments from the Teh Vestis, he dropped the disguised completely and just posted over and over again: "GO SPAM THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

Whatever control the regs of the Pikmin Board had was instantly shattered as Vestis started to flood the Board, posting things like "POSTING IN A LOCKED THREAD" or posting threads like "How do i catch teh pikemon?" or "what is teh pikmin?". It was complete and utter chaos that lasted for at least two days until a Mod finally decided to stop being lazy and actually do something about it.

The AftermathEdit

Due to the Vesti invasion, several threads ended up getting derailed and locked once the Mods got around to dealing with the Vesti menace, as well as some, if not all, the original game threads. It took sometime before the Mods decided the board was safe enough to go unmodded again, and most of the game threads could be posted again. To this day, the Vestipacolypse is lives on as one of the most infamious events in the Boards history.