The never ending Pikmin TV series was a thread created by Green111pikminrules in his n00b days, and could be consider one of the earliest RP threads on the Pikmin board. The users who mainly posted in this thread were Green, Kyle19939 (Made one post), and Kaen_Drought.

The plot.Edit

The plot started off as most Pikfics do. Sensible Olimar and Idiot Louie, along with an OC have to return to the Pikmin planet to collect stuff. When they get there, they find the local antagonist of the RP.

And then things start to get a little... Odd.

Dimesional wormholes start opening up left and right, characters that shouldn't even remotly belong there (Ash and the DP gang. from the Pokemon anime, Ben from Ben 10 and so forth) start showing up, several random OCs start poping up, and it's up to Olimar and Louie to piece together whatever little shread of fabric the reality has left.


The never ending Pikmin series, while it didn't tank, it also wasn't that popular of a thread either. Kyle stopped posting as soon as characters from other series started to come in, so only Green and Kaen were the ones posting there. As such, not many Users remember it.