ViperStriker2011 is a Pikmin Board User that has joined the Pikmin Board during the New User Era. He is fun-loving and down-to-earth, yet ready to be serious in the eyes of adversity. (An Example of the seriousness was an outbreak of Sexual and Racist Profile Icons that flooded the Icon Page) though when his temper breaks he is frightening. The creator of several sucessful Threads, such as his sucessful Among The Departed series. He is also the creator of the first ever Pikmin "Co-Op" RPG. This User is well known for his "Last Poster-ness" of the Pikmin Board, where a User is last poster on every Thread of the First Page. He has his faults though, as he recently "Drunk Posted" the Community Thread. Overall, this User is friends with several of the New User Era Users, and is begining to be accepted in the eyes of several Pre-Vestipacolypse Users.